Going Green

Green building has taken the nation by storm and TLD has been quick to join the movement when considering the future design and construction of every new project. Rest assured, we comply with the National Green Building Standard (“NGBS”), established by the National Association of Home Builders and International Code Council back in 2007. NGBS certifies buildings in six categories: Site Design, Resource Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Building Operation & Maintenance. In addition to adhering to both local and institutional standards, TLD goes the extra mile and will require all future communities to also incorporate: waste cycling, transit orientation, and other techniques designed to reduce environmental issues.

Truly being “green” requires obtaining LEED certification, a third-party commissioning process offered by the U.S. Green Building Council. It serves as proof of compliance with a rigorous rating process to promote design and construction practices to reduce negative environmental impact. The incentive doesn’t stop there. It also increases profitability and improves occupant health and well-being. Our primary focus? To deliver sustainable communities of appreciative value to our investors and residents, alike.

Our approach involves extensive and in-depth demographic research. Surveys of apartment residents throughout the Southeast showcased that an approximate 80 per cent of surveyed participants had environmental concerns. Energy conservation and recycling were at the top of the list. More than 60 per cent indicated these concerns reflected their decision whether to purchase or to rent.

To meet the demand, TLD has initiated a stringent third-party verified certification program to ensure homes and apartments are built in compliance with NGBS that integrate the three primary concerns of today’s discerning customers.




Our experienced “Development Team” can structure a detailed and strategic program for all future developments. We are confident that TLD can deliver cost-effective projects through a practical and pragmatic delivery system thereby developing the highest quality green communities throughout the Southeast and the United States.

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