Development is the cornerstone of TLD’s overall success. Since its inception, the company has fine-tuned its approach to the key components of development – site selection, entitlement, design, financing and value generation.

The strength of the company’s approach resides in its network of partners, each deeply knowledgeable about their local markets. TLD’s directors work out of the Jacksonville corporate office, as well as the regional Atlanta and Charlotte offices. Their approach is entrepreneurial at best as seasoned entitlement teams are assembled to work cooperatively with neighborhood groups. Directors are sensitive to local politics and interface with decision makers and city hall officials, often on a first name basis. Elite architecture, contracting and consulting firms are handpicked; and, as-needed financial backing is delivered by an ever-expanding and diversified roster of equity partners.

Everything, from mid to high rise oceanfront and hotel and condominium projects, will one day evidence the TLD name and logo, as we pave the way for future developments.

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