Design Build

Tierra Linda Development, LLC’s innovative team stays on top of cutting edge technology and has witnessed the shift from design-bid-build delivery to design-build delivery of construction contracts. Design-build has a definitive place in TLD’s development of both commercial and residential communities (that include in-fill multifamily developments, as well as mixed-use high density projects). Successful design-build projects offer an owner many benefits that add value to a project by limiting the margin for project deviation and delay and improving budget control.


  • Master contract is between the owner and contractor
  • Contractor is the single point of responsibility
  • Owner has a single point of contact for both design and construction
  • Design-Build has been proven to be much quicker than Design-Bid-Build
  • Long lead items can be identified and ordered prior to the start of construction
  • Value engineering and constructability reviews are enhanced due to the integration of the design and construction process
  • Changes, disputes, claims and other delays occur less frequently
  • The contractor is responsible for the completion of construction documents
  • Inconsistencies or scope gaps are the responsibility of the contractor


  • 3-4 month team selection process prior to beginning design
  • The selection of an experienced Design-Build team is essential
  • An early understanding of the owner’s scope requirement must be reached
  • The design is controlled by the predetermined budget
  • Alignment of program to proforma is challenging
  • Alignment of functional space program to end-user needs is challenging

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