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Recent Development Updates

  • Q1 2016 - Tierra Linda announces the predevelopment kickoff of two 450 unit mixed-use projects (hotel/condo/retail) in Orlando Florida.
  • Q1 2016 - Tierra Linda announces a hotel/condo co-development partnership which will result in the development of 3 Hilton hotel and luxury condominium projects in Canada.
  • Q3 2016 - Tierra Linda celebrates and holds a naming event in Jacksonville, FL for “Broxton Bay”, a ground up, luxury, multifamily development in Jacksonville Florida.
  • Q3 2016 - Tierra Linda breaks ground with a 324+ unit multifamily complex in North Jacksonville. The first and last new apartment community as part of the River City Marketplace - “Jacksonville’s Northside Hotspot”
  • Q3 2016 - Tierra Linda signs a development partnership and management agreement with IMG Capital in preparation for 4 condominium/marina/retail projects in North and Central Florida.
  • Q4 2016 - Tierra Linda signs a 3 year development contract with a renowned investment group to develop an iconic, multi phase complex in Punta Gorda FL. This $650M+ effort will consist of luxury condo towers, multifamily, senior living, retail and much more.
  • Q4 2016 - Tierra Linda quietly names “Waterfall”, its next in an aspirational series of prolific, oceanfront luxury living in North Florida. Setting a new standard of luxury for the North Florida marketplace.
  • Q4 2016 - Tierra Linda announces a co-development partnership to develop 3 golf course/condominium projects on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
  • Q1 2017 - Tierra Linda, in partnership with one of the most prestigious institutional real estate investors in the US, will break ground on the most luxurious condominium tower in all of North FL. This iconic tower will redefine the luxury oceanfront living landscape and set a new standard in design.

The Tierra Linda Approach

Design & Innovation - All apartments are designed with our architects to maximise both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the space.

High Specification - We constantly improve and renew the specification of our developments with a particular view focused on using new technology and designs.

Investor Returns - We a have a proven track record in providing excellent returns for our investors. Through innovation and experience, we ensure our investors stay ahead of the market.


Tierra Linda Development, LLC founded and managed by Jeff Klotz, has established a reputation as a prolific and accomplished developer. We have set the standard for real estate industry expectations. We set ourselves apart by creating distinctive commercial, residential and institutional properties which deliver more than solid returns for the savvy investor. We enhance the landscape in our quest to foster a culture of communal respect, as we penetrate dormant markets in need of revival and change. We have an entrepreneurial attitude, not a corporate outlook. Our success is a result of our company’s vision, the insistence on quality design, construction, and materials, and the choice of renowned architects, landscape designers and construction companies. Approaching business with trust and respect has resulted in productive long-term relationships with partners, lenders, contractors, consultants, and agencies throughout the S.E. United States.

We value lasting relationships over short-term gains, as we do what is expected rather than what is expedient. At TLD, we set the performance bar as high as we can. TLD stands at the forefront of the marketplace, as both developer and full service real estate provider. Together, the Principals of TLD have managed the development of over 150 projects including multifamily, luxury condominium, commercial office, retail, hospitality, healthcare and educational projects. Our global perspective is the direct result of experience in local, regional and national marketplaces. Our execution and delivery of real estate projects has set industry benchmarks that, years later, still impact real estate development trends.

The TLD approach is innovative. We offer a sophisticated delivery system that provides customized services to exceed expectations of performance previously delivered by our competitors. Our $1.2 billion development management and construction portfolio has left its mark on the multifamily and commercial project asset classes. Collectively, we have provided project management services for clients on projects totaling over $3 billion.

TLD provides excellence to clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to REITs to International Pension Funds. Additionally, there exists our own portfolio of company holdings. Our professional commitment to the management and delivery of projects, on time and on budget, illustrates our track record of success. No matter the size, each and every property or project receives the same TLD guarantee.

At TLD, we welcome your input, as well as your feedback. Our commitment to ongoing and evolving project success is predicated upon many years of testimonial feedback of a job well done.

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